4Peace Art


We are Mouse and Chipmunk. Mouse is nine years old. Chipmunk is six years old. Welcome to our art page!

The Taters

Descriptions: A black and white photo of four mixed race children standing in a field of grass; one boy, and three girls. From left to right: LP, Mouse, Sparrow, and Chipmunk.

One day we asked our parents if we could go to Costa Rica. They told us a bunch of surprising stuff about what it really takes to go on a trip that far. It was sort of a bummer.

But then, we decided that we should try to make our dreams come true on our own! We are selling greeting cards made from our art. We love art and hope you like what we make.

We are going to donate 5% of everything we make to a nonprofit. This winter, we have chosen the National Down Syndrome Congress. Our mom told us about NDSC. NDSC works to make sure that people with Down syndrome (like our awesome brother) have the same chances that people without Down syndrome have. Like getting an education, being able to go to the doctor, and having the chance to live happily in his community.

The name 4Peace has two meanings. First, there are four of us! Second, we want our art to help bring more peace to the world.

If you would like to share your thoughts, email us at 4PeaceArt [at] gmail [dot] com!

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