Excuse me, I’ll be back after I have this baby.

No, I’m not in labor. But I’m close, and that’s pretty much all I can think about, so excuse me while I go obsess over cleaning my baseboards and organizing onesies.

Have so much I want to write about, but just… Can’t… Think… Straight. Brittany Maynard, therapy, collective storytelling, body acceptance… I’m thinking about it, I swear. Just can’t get it out right now. Like that sneeze that never comes, ya know?

In the meantime, here are some recent pictures of the Taters, currently three, soon to be four. Still haven’t thought of a nickname for the Fater. Any ideas?

Blog Awards!



Over the past few months I’ve been getting blog awards from other awesome, kind, fabulous bloggers.  I’ve been wanting to pass them on and of course I’m terribly behind.  I kind of feel like I did in high school when I look up after months of summer vacation and realize I had a reading list to get through.  Anyways.  I love the idea of these blog awards mainly because I want to pass them onto other bloggers, so here’s the first one.  Read the rest of this entry »