Robert ‘Ethan’ Saylor: #JusticeForEthan

I’ve realized that I’ve written quite a bit about the #JusticeForEthan cause.  Here are all of my posts together.  Currently (as of September 8th, the governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, has agreed to institute mandatory training standards on disability in Maryland.  He seems unwilling to open an independent investigation, choosing instead to lean on other investigations already finished or underway.  Unfortunately, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office investigation was woefully incomplete and biased, and the Department of Justice investigation looks at the Saylor case with the narrow parameters of civil rights violations.

You can contact Martin O’Malley to tell him that the Saylors need a state-level independent investigation (read my open letter to O’Malley here).  The Saylor family not only deserves to know how their son died, but also an unbiased assessment of whether or not the three deputies are criminally culpable for Ethan Saylor’s death.

Contact Martin O’Malley:


Call: (410) 974.3901

Twitter: @GovernorOMalley




For updates on the Saylor case: #JusticeForEthan on Facebook

Debra Alfarone is a reporter who has covered the story zealously.
Find her on Twitter: @DebraAlfarone

Gail Zahtz is an advocate who has also taken up the Saylor case.
Go here for up to date coverage of the case.
Find her on Twitter: @GailZahtz



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