I think my kid is more mature than I am.

Mouse came home from school the other day, ran into the house, and wrote this:

Mouse's "Letter"

Mouse’s “Letter”

Is my daughter drawing out prototypes for pantyliners with squiggles written all over them, you ask? No. The paper is, I agree, unfortunately shaped.  It is actually a letter from Mouse to her preschool friend, with whom we also happen to carpool. She demanded that I get her an envelope and a stamp, so she could send it to his house.

Me: You want to send him a letter?
Mouse: Yes, because he hit me today and I want to tell him about that.
Me: Why don’t we take a picture of it on mommy’s phone, and I will send it to E’s mom?
Mouse: (panic) But mom, I just wrote scribbles on there, he won’t know what it says! (lip quiver)
(I am not sure why sending the thing snail mail would have circumvented the scribble issue.)
Me: It’s ok, I’ll translate it for you and put it in the text message.
Mouse: (relieved) Ok.

Dear E,
I hope you like your letter.  I don’t like that you hit me today.  I will be your best friend next week if you are not as mean to me again, as soon as you get your confidence back.

The return communication…

The conciliatory ant.

The conciliatory ant.

Dear M,
I drew you an ant.  I love you and promise not to hit you or scream anymore.  I hope you come home with me to a play date and we can have a play museum.

If a couple of four year olds can do it, we can too, right? Huh.

5 Comments on “I think my kid is more mature than I am.”

  1. Holly F says:

    Oh this is precious!!

  2. Diane says:

    Love it! Kids are so wise!

  3. Jess says:

    Truly Awesome! I do hope E can get his confidence back 😉

    • ji says:

      I forgot to tell you! I asked her what that meant and she said, “When boys have no confidence they get in trouble.” Where do you get confidence?? Maybe at Berkeley Bowl. Maybe E can check that out. ;)

      • Jess says:

        That is hilarious! We do frequent the Berkeley Bowl often enough… well have to see if its on sale next time😉

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