60/40 Post: Three good things, two bad.

Seems like a 60/40 day.  Mostly good.  

1. Something exciting…

LP has finally discovered his hands. It has been clear that until recently, the little dude pretty much thought his body was a head, torso, and legs. In the past couple weeks he started to really try to use his arms, and now he has managed to get his hands to his mouth. Since sucking on your hands is a big deal for development, I’m glad to see that. One more thing I never even crossed my radar with the older Taters.  

2. Something that is NOT exciting…

Chipmunk is driving me crazy. Tear-my-hair-out-plug-my-ears-go-hide-in-the-bathroom kind of crazy. She’s in a super independent phase, but does not have any of the actual skills to back that independence up. You can’t wipe your own butt, girl. Your arms don’t reach. End of the $&%!*@ discussion.

3. A Tater learns to write…

Please excuse the unfortunate shape of the paper...

Please excuse the unfortunate shape of the paper…

Yup. Mouse ran up to me this morning and asked me, “How do you spell Monica?”  (Monica is one of the directors at her preschool.)  I told her, not paying attention because LP was in the middle of peeing on my hand, only to look up to this. For the longest time the kid refused to do any spelling other than her name. Perfectionist complex. Sorry, I gave that to you, Mouse. Turns out the kid has been learning her letters on the sly or something. Sneaky.  I’ll just continue to clothe and feed you, while hoping for the best.

4. Robert Saylor

A Grand jury just rejected criminal charges for the police who killed Robert Saylor.  I’m a little messed up about this, but really am not ready to say more.  I will write about it this week.

5. No medical appointments?  Whaaat?

Sleep apnea is on the back burner until we get back to the pulmonology clinic at Stanford in a couple weeks. ENT didn’t think LP’s laryngomalacia was very bad at all and we all agreed surgery was not a good idea. He does have irritation from reflux though, so we have been elevating everything LP lays on.

6. I played hooky with my kids today…

Mouse has never, ever missed preschool unless we were gone on vacation.  I think she has been out once with illness.  This is mostly because for the amount we are paying, it physically pains me to have her miss a day for no reason.  I just couldn’t get it together this morning though, and I let the kids sleep in and we all went to the California Academy of Sciences.  We saw some jelly fish, counted anemones, and visited the rain forest.  Mondays are hard because Chipmunk always gets her nap screwed for preschool pickup, we are tired from the weekend, and well… it is Monday.  I figure playing hooky now for preschool is early enough that Mouse won’t remember when she is older that I ever sanctioned such outlandish behavior.  

Definitely spent some time having a few dark thoughts. But, like I said. It was a 60/40 day.

5 Comments on “60/40 Post: Three good things, two bad.”

  1. Put you on my blog-roll – hope you don’t mind. Your writing is too good not to share.

  2. Diane says:

    Hey 60/40 is pretty good! I’m happy with those kind of days. Everyone needs a preschool skip day…we do it often. :)

    • ji says:

      See, I’m such a rule follower, even missing preschool seemed a little scandalous to me. Maybe it is because I’m Asian. But then again, you’re half Asian. What’s up with that? ;)

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