Happy Birthday, Chipmunk.

Yes, little mama.  You turned two today.  I don’t know how that happened at all.  You really just burst into the world, carefree and independent.  I’m pretty sure you’re going to give your father and I a run for our money when you get a little older, but I’m ready.  It’ll be worth it to see the independent, witty, forthright person I know is already taking shape in you.  Happy birthday, sweetie.  Love you.

Two years old.  Whatdya know.

Two years old. Whatdya know.

3 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Chipmunk.”

  1. Nana says:

    LOVE the photo of Latke and Chipmunk. Love all of you – Nana

  2. Rob Arnold says:

    Treyton’s Posse has nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. Read about it here: http://wp.me/p27Y8K-1hF

  3. […] Happy Birthday, Chipmunk. (kimchilatkes.com) […]

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