3 (21) Down Syndrome: Blog Hop!

This blog hop is a community project of Down syndrome Blogs and the T21 Alliance. The code is set up so that everyone can participate by adding their link to their post – and host if they want, by adding the code to their own post! So, just follow the instructions through the linky tool (below).


One Truth:

People are people, are people, are people.  Period.  No subhuman animals, no superhuman angels.  No special powers, no fundamental flaws.

No matter their genetics, all people are just trying to make their way in the world.  That means all of us feel anger, happiness, rage, humor, empathy, ambivalence, frustration, despair, joy, wonder and every single other emotion that you could imagine.  That means all of us should get to yell, cheer, whine, laugh, joke, and cry, free from judgement or adoration based on our genetic makeup.

Again.  People are people, are people, are people.

One Tip:

Wear your baby!  Babywearing provides something called proprioceptive feedback, which helps all babies orient the relative locations of their body parts.  (This link has a good explanation.)  That’s why your baby is always hitting himself in the face in while trying to suck his thumb; he hasn’t figured out how to assess the relative location of fist versus head.  Same thing the cops are testing during a field sobriety test with the ol’ “close your eyes and touch your nose” bit.  Huh.  Yet another way that children and drunk people are alike.  But I digress.  Babywearing.  Check it out.

And a photo: 

My Three Drunk People

My Three Drunk People


(Now here, my technical ability fails me, I can’t figure out how to make all the hop participants show up.  So go here to read more!)

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6 Comments on “3 (21) Down Syndrome: Blog Hop!”

  1. Corrie says:

    I never knew that about baby wearing! I wear my guy all the time. I bet that is why he is doing so well! I was worried to do it in the beginning because I was told not to splay his legs like that, but he hasn’t had any issues from it!

    PS: I found you through the hop and the second I saw the name I thought Korean and Jewish. I have a friend with kosher sushi as her screen name because she is Japanese and Jewish :)

    • jisun says:

      Corrie, tell your friend that her screen name is awesome! LP has gotten carried so much because he is just not a fan of the stroller, but I was glad to learn about how babywearing is great for all kids. Helps them regulate their temperature when they’re little, helps them figure out their bodies later on, the list goes on and on. So glad you came by, hope I see you again. :)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Interesting stuff about baby wearing. I totally would have done that with Owen but I have a pectoral muscle issue that doesn’t even allow me to pick him up anymore. I am working with a trainer to strengthen the area, but it is painful.

    Those babies……..beauties!

  3. Diane says:

    Love love love the pic! Beautiful kiddos!

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