Papa Bear

Call me Latke.

I have never kicked anyone’s ass, nor has anyone ever kicked mine. I made it all the way through childhood without ever being involved in a beat down. As a man, some will applaud me for this; others will take pity. I can’t deny that I’m glad to have never had my ass handed to me, but I admit there’s a small part of me that wonders what it’s like to be part of that club.
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In Your Face

Call me Latke. As my name suggests, I was raised Jewish. Actually, my family called itself  “culturally” Jewish, which meant we celebrated major Jewish holidays, ate Jewish food, and peppered our speech with Yiddish (oy!), but we prayed to no God. To be honest, this approach to religion never really appealed to me…sorry Mom and Dad.   Read the rest of this entry »