Down Syndrome, Surrogacy, and Abortion: Remember What Went Right

A building created on an uneven foundation is bound to suffer, is it not?  So to discuss the problem, do we lament the building for not being strong enough, or do we recognize the flawed foundation?

Simplistic example, I know, but stay with me.
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Down Syndrome Diagnosis: The Choice In The Unknown

I hate hospitals.  I dislike the sterile feel, the winding hallways, the beeps, the snap and rustle of plastic.  Even more than that, I feel out of control.  I personally experience hospitals this way, I can’t help it.  I can’t ever seem to shake the feeling that I’m being shuttled down a preordained path. Read the rest of this entry »

No More Boxes, Please.

Stereotypes, abortion, and the Down syndrome community.  I’ve had many, many, maaaaany debates on these topics during the past few weeks.  In fact, it seems like all I ever talk about lately. Read the rest of this entry »