The Pirate Eats

Yup.  He’s eating food.

Unbeknownst to this blog (yes, I’ve sort of come to see this blog as an entity in its own right. I keep secrets from you, blog, and did you know that??), I’ve been quietly freaking out about the possibility that LP wouldn’t eat regular food.  Part of it is that I’m so food-centric, part of it is that struggling with solids is such a common part of the “baby with Ds” profile.  I just hated the idea that my kid might struggle with eating.  I know, kind of irrational, and based on a stereotype.  Plus, I know plenty of moms who had kids go through rough times with solids and they all seemed to get through it in the end. Still. I dunno, it just bugged me more than some of the other potentials, and I figured if I was most worried about it, it would definitely come to pass. Read the rest of this entry »