Independence, Money, and Human Worth

The first question of the Liebster Award is: Why did you start to blog?

Here’s why I started to blog…

All this excitement over little ol' me?  Pshaw.

All this excitement over little ol’ me? Pshaw.

My very first reason I started this blog is that I didn’t want to keep talking about LP’s Down syndrome over and over.  It was exhausting to rehash the details of it all, to explain what Ds was, even.

More and more, however, the reason I blog is that I think our society needs a priority reordering.  Having a child labeled with disability has forced me to reconsider the very meaning of human value.  I say forced, because I honestly admit that it was by force.  I don’t think that if LP did not have Ds, I would have come to this understanding on my own.  Who knows, maybe I would have.  Other people have come to this realization earlier and easier than I have.  LP sure did give me a kick in the ass though. Read the rest of this entry »