Nightmare Come True: Police Training, Autism, and Down Syndrome

Sometimes I spend time worrying about my infant son’s future.  My son with Down syndrome.  My son with a disability.  My son, a human being.

Among the things I worry about is that the world will see him as nothing but a problem.  An anomaly, a special circumstance, some thing to be “handled” and “managed”.  I worry that people will take one look at him and hold him up to a stereotype, and he’ll never have a chance to be fully human.  If he matches the stereotype, everything he says or does will be a foregone conclusion.  If he deviates from the stereotype, he’ll be nothing but an even greater abnormality.

My fears became reality today. Read the rest of this entry »

An Open Letter to Martin O’Malley: #JusticeForEthan

Dear Governor O’Malley,

Please order an independent investigation into Ethan Saylor’s homicide.  Saylor was an American, brother, son, friend, and above all, a human being.  His family deserves answers.  His community deserves to know that a person with a disability has the same right to life as any other human being.

Your office made a statement that you wish to “focus on forward-looking strategies” to prevent any more deaths such as Saylor’s.  Without truth and accountability, there is no path forward. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Collective Voice: #JusticeForEthan

To my community of parents, friends, and individuals touched by Down syndrome, please open your hearts to what I have to say:

If we do not speak up and publicly condemn Ethan Saylor’s death—his right to live—no one will.  Read the rest of this entry »