Entering Disability Culture as a Parent: Memory, Relativity, and Truth

Mouse pronounces the word “remember” with a “b” instead of an “r” at the beginning.  Bemember.

I asked her once if she noticed her own pronunciation.  She sat back thoughtfully, held up her hands and tilted her head in that exaggerated way unique to young children (something about the small arms and chubby bodies), and smiled.  She said that it was on purpose because the act of remembering, or bemembering if you will, is about thinking about how you were being.  In her words, it came out something like, “Well… Bemembering is for how you loosed to be.”  (At the time, she also had a really hard time with words beginning with “u”.  She’d always add an “l” in front.  So “used to be” became “loosed to be”.)

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