Dear Mouse: I See You

Dear Mouse,

You went to a birthday party today and your father’s report was… well, not great.  It seems you spent most of the time being a barnacle on your daddy’s leg, despite the kind efforts of other kids to get you to play.  In fact, your daddy told me you were pretty unkind to one of the kids, and that hurt my heart a bit. Read the rest of this entry »


It is hot.

Sweat-snaking-down-your-body-like-the-Amazon-through-the-sweltering-South-American-jungle kind of hot.

I sit in our backyard and the dark flagstone patio sends up a shimmery curtain of heat.  The girls are running through the sprinklers in their swimsuits, their small bodies whirling in the water, just so.  LP is blowing spit bubbles and smiles when his sisters comes close. It’s pretty damn good.

When the weather gets hot, I think of what grows.  Peaches, berries, corn.  Sunflowers.  The days get light, the earth produces its abundance, Mother Earth’s metabolism kicks up. At the same time, I think of preservation—canning all that life, heat, abundance for some future moment.

I look at my three children in the shimmer and sparkle of today, and I want to preserve this as well.  All three breathtaking bodies, laughing, yelling, moving in the heat.  In a decade, or two, when I open this preserved moment, I hope it is all still here, burning bright.

Happy Friday.  Go make a memory.  xox

182 Days of Freakin’ Awesome

Dear Mama,

Yup, I’m six months old.  I’m actually a few days older than six months old because you couldn’t get your ass in gear to write this post.  Uh, no.  I’m writing this.  Not you.  Right.  Sorry for the crude language, you’ll still feed me in the morning, right? Read the rest of this entry »