An Open Letter to Martin O’Malley: #JusticeForEthan

Dear Governor O’Malley,

Please order an independent investigation into Ethan Saylor’s homicide.  Saylor was an American, brother, son, friend, and above all, a human being.  His family deserves answers.  His community deserves to know that a person with a disability has the same right to life as any other human being.

Your office made a statement that you wish to “focus on forward-looking strategies” to prevent any more deaths such as Saylor’s.  Without truth and accountability, there is no path forward. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Collective Voice: #JusticeForEthan

To my community of parents, friends, and individuals touched by Down syndrome, please open your hearts to what I have to say:

If we do not speak up and publicly condemn Ethan Saylor’s death—his right to live—no one will.  Read the rest of this entry »

Right Versus Easy: #JusticeForEthan

I know I have written about Robert Ethan Saylor’s homicide many, many times.  I’ve written about Ds awareness.  I’ve written about training.  I’ve written about action.  Feels like I’ve hashed and rehashed my feelings on what happened.  Yet.  Somethin’ is a botherin’ me.

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