I need a personal growth vacation.

It’s true.  I’m tired.  Physically tired from running around a little too much, but emotionally tired.  I’d like to take a break from pondering the meaning of life, disability, the universe, God, motherhood, any of that.  Saw the preliminary results of LP’s sleep study.  Not that great.  There’s talk of CPAP machines, scoping his airways (basically sticking a camera down his nose), and surgery for his floppy airways (unlikely but being investigated).  We’ll know more when we see Mr. ENT doctor dude this week.  In the meantime, I’d like to just putter along, without all the head games I’ve been giving myself.  I realize this is like telling a toddler not to pick his nose.  But I’ll try anyways.  Note to self: Stop freaking yourself out.  Take a self break, self.  Self.  Self.  Self.  Doesn’t sound like a word anymore.  Self…

So here are some pictures of the taters.  Looking at tater pictures makes me happy.  Hopefully it’ll make you happy as well.  Self.  Yup.  Definitely doesn’t look like a word anymore.  xoxoxo

4 Comments on “I need a personal growth vacation.”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the Tater photos! And yes, you are right to feel emotionally and physically tired… you have been going NON stop. Take a well deserved break and just BE. Sending JUST BE energy your way.

  2. Judy L says:

    Tater pictures make me happy for sure! Can’t wait to see them in the flesh though…it’s kind of like “how many whatevers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” How many toddler birthdays does it take to schedule a date with your friends who also have young children? :-P

  3. Judy L says:

    Also, something about Mouse’s expression in the stroller pic is SO Latke, love it.

  4. AK says:

    Love those kids and love their parents. Wish I lived nearby so I could take the little ones off your hands so you could take care of you!

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