Race, Disability, and Belonging

Friends, family, and beloved Internet peeps,

I have a guest post on the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center blog today. Check out out. Comment. Share if you’re moved.

Click here to read. Happy Friday!

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2 Comments on “Race, Disability, and Belonging”

  1. Choosing says:

    Belonging is such an elusive quality. It is there one moment, then gone again. Are there people who feel that they belong somewhere stable for all of their lives? I doubt it. Feeling different, standing apart (for whatever reason) makes you vulnerable, but maybe it also lets you have a sharper, more discerning look at your surroundings. – But I wish everyone at least one group of people (family, friends) were he/she feels that she really belongs, is accepted just the way he/she is.

    • jisun says:

      You know, but I do think that some people do feel that sense of belonging throughout their lives. And maybe there are fleeting moments the loose it, but overall, it is a stable thread throughout. Not many. In my life I’ve met a handful maybe. But I couldn’t agree with you more, not belonging is a part of what makes life complex and rich as long as you have some kind of safe place. I really appreciate your comments, they always make me think. :)

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