Happy Easter, Happy Passover.

This weekend was a very kimchi/latke weekend. Friday, we had some Tater friends over to dye Easter eggs.  This entailed the big girls (Mouse and friend) dyeing eggs while the little girls (Chipmunk and friend’s little sister) ran amok and looked cute.  LP slept through the whole thing.  On Saturday we headed over to see Latke’s local family for Passover Seder. Latke, if you haven’t already read, hails from a family of the Jewish persuasion.  Sunday, was, of course, Easter. We didn’t go to church (haven’t done that in quite some time, maybe I’ll write about that someday), but, as we live in a predominantly Christian nation, it is darned difficult to miss Easter Sunday.

I know some might vehemently disagree with me, but I really saw much more similarity than difference between what Jews and Christians were all talking about this weekend. Read the rest of this entry »