Mama, You Lied???

I lied about my son today.

We took the Taters cross-country to see Latke’s parents this week. We had a great time, the kids got spoiled, all was well.

On our return flight, I sat by myself with LP, while Latke had the girls across the aisle.

As I sat down, the man by the window smiled and reached out for LP’s hand.  I have to admit every time a stranger takes an interest in LP I still have a moment of trepidation.  I don’t blurt anything out anymore, but I still hold my breath for a second, waiting for that whiff of scrutiny. Read the rest of this entry »

Truth, Lies, and the Politics of a Preschooler

Lately, Mouse and I have had a lot of discussions about truth and lies.  She’s been pretty late to this game; at heart, she has never been the type to spin tales.  She’s also previously been terrible at holding up to scrutiny.  Usually I’ll just ask her different versions of the same question, and she’s toast.

“Did you tell me the truth?  Yes. Did you tell me what actually happened?  Yes, mama. Did you lie?  Yes… Wait, mommy!”  (Crying ensues.)

Done. Read the rest of this entry »