Inhabiting the Place Between

This post is mostly about medical stuff, but let me start by writing about a toy fast that is currently taking place in our home.  I read another blogger and her own toy fast, and, whoooee, it really appealed to me.  She described exactly what happens in our house.  The Taters come downstairs, then immediately do something that she describes as the “dump and scatter”.  Between Mouse and Chipmunk, it takes about ten minutes flat to spread every toy known to man around our small house.  Puzzle pieces become chocolate chips, coasters get stuffed into a bag, never to be seen again, blocks get dumped out but never used, it is a hot mess. Read the rest of this entry »

Sandman Schmandman…

Dear Mama,

Well.  Let me just come out and say it.  Stop sticking crap on my hot baby bod.  It really displeases me.   And let me remind you, I don’t cry.  When my sisters plaster me with stickers, scream in my face (lovingly), you forget to feed me, I have to do tummy time… I am very understanding of all these things.  My extra chromosome really seems to have you all in a tizzy so I figure I’ll cut you a break on some stuff.  
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