You’re Just Going Along, and then… Woah.

Friends.  I have some news. Read the rest of this entry »

Stream of Consciousness: New Year’s Thoughts

I’ve sat down and started half a dozen posts about the holidays, the end of the year, our family’s life in the past twelve months.  Nothing really came.

I’ve had a little bit of a hibernation the past few weeks.  A combination of needing a social media break (when your kids start playing a game called “I have to check my messages”, it is time to look at the ol’ priorities), holiday madness, and smidgen of depression. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m Removing My Prenatal Testing Halo.

I have had my moments of self-righteous judgement.  Shocking, I know.  I’ve strapped on my righteous halo in secret, just for comfort.

In the early weeks after discovering LP has Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), I spent time pontificating on life and riding some emotional waves.  During that time, for a brief moment, despite all my reservations on prenatal testing, I wished we hadn’t opted out.  For a brief moment, I thought we should have terminated.

For that brief moment, I felt a lifetime of guilt. Read the rest of this entry »